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KillerDavid Rich, My own personal story about what brought me into the High Scoring world of JezzBall and why I made this Web Site. Also see my tips page David Rich
KillerDan Ellis has a story of JezzBall fantasy for you
KillerDavid Beusterien has a few good words to say about winning those high levels in JezzBall. David Beusterien
KillerLady Barb (x-Queen) fights her way to the top with her family and friends. Ronald and Barbra McDonald
KillerRobert & Margie Peters managed to get on the Top 10 of the List of High Scorers mastering George's technique.
KillerTodd Mollerup is flying his way into JezzBall History. Todd Mollerup
KillerGeorge C. Thomas has the best JezzBall strategy tip ever! If you are able to decode his funny story , w/ Excel spread sheet. George Thomas
KillerSvein Ladehaug is not a gamer but JezzBall got him but good. He is from Norway Svein Ladehaug
KillerHere is psychosocial evaluation of the nature of JezzBall from a Social Worker named Donna Vogel, along with her JezzBall story and tips to win those high scores.
KillerSharron Howard and her son John Brocious raced each other up the JezzBall charts. She also has the best sense of humor I have ever met. She was my #1 Pen-pal from 7-3-98 until I met my Lady Tia. We had been playfully flirting several times a day. Not bad for a 59 year old woman. Go Girl!! this is her son John John Brocious
KillerBeth Hochsprung beats the terrible winters in North Dakota by warming up to a good game of JezzBall! Beth Schuler
KillerArturo Vega's JezzBall Story from the deep forests of Mexico. Arturo Vega
KillerGinger worked as a Math Teacher and worked to out number her students. In less than a month, she went from a top JezzBall score of 600k to the Top 10 of the Top 20 High Scorers List. GO GIRL!! She had worked her way to #3 on the High Scorers List. Virginia Howell
KillerRyan Shepherd tells of his life and adventures, and aspires to be a top Web Designer. Ryan Shepherd
KillerCarl Best thought he was the best Jezz-freak alive and wanted to make a JezzBall Web Site, until he looked on the Web and found ours in late 1999. He has some JezzBall tips for you. Carl Best
KillerBob Prodeahl has told of his struggle with JezzBall. Bob Prodeahl
Jezz on! You can click here for a copy of my Jezzball game icon. Place the file in your System folder, in the Windows folder, so you can find it quickly.D. Heath Trahan has a few helpful tips about JezzBall also, and is such a fun Pen-pal. He also made the icon and cursor you saw on the Homepage. You can click on these also to down load the files. Watch out for him though, he's schooling to become a Lawyer.Click here to down load the Cursor file, and place it in your Windows folder and then in the cursor folder. Set it to be the "hour glass" cursor. D. Heath Trahan
KillerKaren Hagarman puts her special twist to JezzBall, w/ tips. Hagarmans
KillerAmy Blumberg Has something to teach us.
KillerKathy Condon from the UK has JezzBall to relieve the stress of being a Doctor.  
KillerRuben Spaans has done very well with JezzBall indeed! Ruben Spaans
Jezz on!Sheri and Scott Bryan have designated it "Sheriball" in honor of the Queen. Sheri Bryan
KillerJason Doucette has some tips for you, and is working on the creation of a new version of JezzBall.
KillerCameron Cummins likes assembling computers for friends, and is my long lost twin brother (no family resemblance).
KillerRyan Castles's JezzBall Story from Australia.
Jezz on!Gary Kleist's Story and tips for JezzBall.
Jezz on!Joshua "Freebird" Wescott is only seventeen, and has scored a spot in the top 20 JezzBall.
Jezz on!Jarrett Herring is a fun-loving college student who knows how to party! He rocks on JezzBall
KillerKjartan Albertsson's Story. He is a 14 year old from Iceland.
Jezz on!Gerald Smalley has a fun page of helpful for you, with lots of step by step images to see better how to get those High scores in JezzBall.
KillerGilberto Gerini is from Italy and has a few interesting suggestions to make about JezzBall, w/ Excel spread sheet. Gilberto Gerini
KillerJerry Dagley from England has shown his kids who is boss at his house.
KillerJared Bulmer's The tuba-guy's story.
Jezz on!Robert Nelson has a lot to say about JezzBall!
Jezz on!Bud Cox and his teenage boys play JezzBall instead of doing house work. Go figure? Bud Cox
Jezz on!Maggie has JezzBall competitions with her 80 year old mother. She has put a lot of time into her own personal web site and is a joy to read, with lots of pictures, and is a lot of fun to pen-pal with. Maggie
Jezz on!Lance's Story about friendly office competition in JezzBall. He also has his own Web Sites with some of the best links on the Web. Lance
Jezz on!Jake's Story about why he strives to master JezzBall.
Jezz on!Jim Cross wrote this fun note about JezzBall, and inspired me to make the red & blue line animated gif.
Jezz on!Mama Sahn kicks butt at JezzBall! (proof pending)
Jezz on!Tony learns to master the computer because of JezzBall
KillerLionel Meyn has been flying radio controlled airplanes for over thirty years, but was new to computers when he made it in the List of High Scorers in JezzBall. Lionel Meyn

Jezz on!Please share your JezzBall stories (send them to: dar@copper-by-design.com) and if they are noteworthy, I will list them here at International Home of Jezz-Freaks   with your own page, (personal photos are a plus, people love to connect a face to a name), or I can link to your Web Site.Jezz on!




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