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updated 10-21-2004


Jezz on!First off, a big misconception we seem to run into a lot is the idea we were some how reponsible for this game that we host this fan site for since 1997. We have no connection to Microsoft, who bought this game from some software developer long before I had a computer of my own.  We have no connection to Microsoft, other than the software we may use.  I am a simple fan much like you. I am a Gutter Contractor and custom copper sheet metal design and fabrication worker shown at: http://copper-by-design.com/ and http://dmr-gutters.com/  We are not computer techs.  It is all we can do to keep our 2 PCs working.Duh, Hello!

Jezz on!We do not have any interest in even selling this game, let alone pirating the software to you for free. Why would we risk the wrath of Microsoft to save you a few dollars?  That would be insane!  We do not service the game or update it to work in Windows XP or on a Mac.

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Jezz on!By the time I saw JezzBall for the first time, this game was already old and outdated It came as a freebee with my new top-of-the-line 10th Anniversary Special Gateway 2000 P-133mhz computer with a whopping 16 megs of RAM back in 1995.

Jezz on!If you are not on AOL and have friendly comments about this game or some other of the 300 or so web pages we have published on eclectic fantasy art, poetry, philosophy, soulmate stories, we would love to hear from you and will respond with a personal e-mail. You can e-mail us by clicking our photo below:

You can also write us to reserve your order for a new improved version of JezzBall, but we have all been waiting since 1997 for an up-dated version.  Even though many have offered, no computer geek has followed through and made a new JezzBall game that even has a simple 'Save' mode. They usually get bogged down with the copy right issue and fear that Microsoft will take offense and sue their ass. I will try to let you know when if and when it ever comes out, or whether a new version comes from Microsoft.

Go hereJezz on! You can click here for a copy of my Jezzball game icon. Place the file in your System folder, in the Windows folder, so you can find it quickly.to read some of the suggestions I have posted for the new JezzBall.

AOL Members:
If you want me to reply, you will need to sign-up with a different Internet provider. We steer clear of all AOL Members and will not respond.  AOL has drawn the line in the sand and the two may never meet. It seems they have wanted to rule the internet since they first began, and in so doing have done what they can to ruin the Internet for all other Internet companies and the clients they serve.  We have been accused of sending out spam to AOL Members before, even though we never have spammed anyone in the decade we have been on-line.  AOL will black-list entire servers that may host thousands web sites on it, just because of one suspected spammer, in hopes to create their monopoly over the Internet.  Therefore cutting you off from over half of the World Wide Web.  See what you are missing and drop AOHell!


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