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Jezz-on!A Mega Fun Story FromJezz-on!
"Keeper of all that Jezz"
George Thomas w/ his Buickand A Great Way to Track Your Progress
by: George C. Thomas



Just you try and beat me.George

Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 5:32 PM
My mission to the planet Jezz has been successful. While we have lost many crewmen during the capture of the elusive JEZZBALL, we have become very competent in the setting of traps for them. During one of our expeditions, I stumbled upon the Guru of Jezz [His name is Fred} and he revealed his secrets to me. He has assigned me the title of "Keeper of All That Jezz". He told me that I must not reveal these secrets to ANYONE! Hopefully, during this transmission from deep space, they will not intercept this message. The JEZZBALL will kill anyone attempting to trap it when they are on the tiles. You must be on the seams, between the tiles! In this position when the JEZZBALL touches you, you can still set your trap to the bottom, side or top of the field. This can be done without sacrificing one of your crewmembers [lives]. This also applies to the single JEZZBALL trap. You must be on the seam above the bottom [or last ball you trapped], and your scepter [double arrow] must have the back of the blade [arrow] on the seam between the tiles. Fred also told me that the JEZZBALL "CANNOT KILL ANYONE IF THE SPACE IS ONLY ONE SEAM"!

Jezz-on!He has promised His co-operation if we do not get greedy in the harvesting of the JEZZBALL. He has warned me of the possibility of renegade JEZZBALLS out there. They may not pay attention to His edict for co-operation, but He will do everything within His power to assure that the harvest goes smoothly. We are now leaving Jezz for an R&R stop at galaxy Restoration. Our main hold is full and we have left our storage barges in orbit. We will return to the planet after some rest. I'm tired of BALLIN!

Jezz-on!Oh yea, do to all the rotation of the JEZZBALLS in the hold, we are experiencing severe navigational problems and have had to ADJUST the computer several times.

Keeper of All That Jezz,

George C. Thomas

Keep on BALLIN'

Jezz-on!P.S. If you read all of the above and are now totally lost, You can take a peek at the stale version of these hot tips that will be a lot clearer to understand, but a lot less fun. Be forewarned that it may take some of the challenge out of the game, but it is not cheating, and will still take a considerable dedication of your patience and time. Just click on Killer at the top of this page.

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Sun, 26 Oct 1997 09:49

Dear Dave,
Jezz-on!In response to some of your questions; no I'm not retired but operate a small family owned electrical construction business just West of Philadelphia thus affording me the time to play whenever I desire [Except for the people bothering me about business with their phone calls].

Jezz-on!I'm not sure how many times I had to play the 49th level but probably averaged around 650,000 in bonus points. I've visited your page 6 or 7 times. I must say that it's the most professional. It certainly reflects your efforts into it. After checking out the other sites, yours is the best! While I'm sure that you can "single ball trap", one of the other problems occurs when two balls lodge in the trap. I treat these the same way as a single ball trap. The arrowheads on the seams just above the balls and on the vertical seam on the left of the trap. This allows you to fill in the voids left. This is of course assuming that you are building vertical traps [my personal favorite]. Time remaining is not as important as the percentage filled.

Keep on BALLIN'

George C. Thomas

Official Keeper of All That Jezz

Good Luck!

Jezz-on!I believe that all JEZZBALL records should be recorded at each level, as the 49th level can go on forever. While totals above the 49th are still a record, I believe that each level should be recognized [as in the spreadsheet]. This would give everyone a "TARGET" to shoot at! It helped me to understand where I was and what improvements I was making [THUS COMPARING DIFFERENT STRATEGIES].

Jezz-on!I have been a jezzball FREAK for the last year. I' 53 years old and would not even touch a computer 4 years ago. I'm still learning about this BOX O' BITS and I totally believe that JEZZBALL can be driven to over one billion points [as soon as I can get some cooperation out of the machine].

Keep on Ball'in

At 02:11 PM 10/5/97, you wrote:

Dear Dave,

Jezz-on!Again thanks for the help with capturing images. I can now provide you or anyone with these marvelous little ditties. I'm enclosing proof of my highest scoring 48th level. I'm currently on the 49c level [I keep it running in the background] at 15,396,483. I've mastered the program, as I now can complete the "49th" level with 50 lives left. I'm not sure how high I’ll run it up, as it has now become too easy, but I'll let you know.

Keep on BALLIN'

George C. Thomas  

Briefly about the spreadsheet, everything including and to the left of the DATE column is the best I've ever done on that level. The columns to the right are any high scores that have previously been recorded.

Jezz-on!Jezzball 1.pdf, or Jezzball highest scores.xls also check out his score on the Top 20 List of High Scorers


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