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Date: January 13-99

OK guys, here’s my story. My name is David Heath Trahan. I currently reside in Baton Rouge, LA. I’m attending LSU and majoring in Kinesiology. I guess I’m what you would call a pureblood cajun, because I didn’t grow up here in BR; I grew up in Acadia Parish, the heart of cajun country.

I was first introduced to jezzball about a year ago when I purchased my computer. I thought it was a kinda neat game but wasn’t hooked….yet. I didn’t really start to play the game regularly until about three months ago. I worked my way up to a score of about 260,000 but could go no further. At the time I thought I was king of the world of jezzball scores, because none of my friends could come even close. That is until I found David’s Jezzball.com sight. It was then that I realized that I was only a novice in the whole scheme of things. I figured that since there was such a big discrepancy between my score and that of the top scorers, I must have surely been missing something big.

After reading some of the tips on this website I learned some of the tricks of the trade. Believe it or not, once I learned the tricks, it only took me about 4 games and about three hours to get to a point where I could play literally forever. My score went from around 200K, to 500k, to 850k, to my highest of 35 million. My final game lasted about a week, before I hesitantly decided to end it in order to install some new software, which required a reboot.

This is a funny image I made for Dave, your Webmaster, while penpalling about a high score entry, on 2-27-99.

Although I’m not planning to start a new game, there may be one in my future. There are a couple of reasons that keep me interested. First, I never played "The Perfect Game"; i.e.: complete level 49 with all 50 lives left. My best was 49 lives left. Second, if I’m knocked out of the top ten you can bet I’ll be back!

As far as tips go, I can’t offer much of anything new, as I have learned from other high scorer pages. The one thing that I can suggest to you is that you should use the slow option; it can be a big advantage. But Remember to switch it back to fast mode right before you close off your last ball, because your score will double!

Well, that’s all for me folks. Be sure to tell David how much you appreciate his sight. So long until next time….

David H. Trahan



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