Few words about JezzBall and me

Hello Jezz-freaks and welcome to my JezzBall homepage. I'm gonna tell you something about why I am so addicted to JezzBall and how I play the game. But first I will write something about myself.

My name is Kjartan ┴rni Albertsson and I'm 14 years old. My town is called St÷­varfj÷r­ur and it is in Iceland, Europe. I'm a bass player and I LOVE BASS and of course I love JezzBall too. Since I'm only 14 years old I don't have any job, but I'm of course in elementary school which sucks. My bass is a Morris Hurricane 4-string and I own a classical guitar which is Yamaha. My favorite TV programs are South Park, Friends & Simpsons. But I suppose you don't won't to read more about me so here comes something about JezzBall

The strategy I use is mostly like everybody else use. First I build a trap (I always make vertical traps) then I trap the atoms inside it and take as much % as I can. But most of my luck I think should be awarded to "Weird Al" Yankovic since I'm always listening to his CDs while I get these high scores.

My record is 6,690,568 by the moment and I think that's pretty good consider that there's only about 3-4 months since I started to play this game. I knew that I had JezzBall in my computer but when I tried it first I thought: "ewww. What a boring game". Then, when My friend told me about it I considered to give it another try, and I thought: "OH MY GOD!!! that's a great game". after few games I couldn't quit, I was addicted to JezzBall and of course I still am. And now this is the only computer game that I like. I really hate those technical games, don't you?. Well... that's all I have to say about that.

My motto is: Have fun, play JezzBall and drink Pepsi


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