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Jezz-on!A Fun Story Jezz-on!
by: Jerry Dagley



Just you try and beat me.Jerry Dagley

Date: Thursday, April 2 1998

Jezz-on!My name is Jerry Dagley I live in Sheffield, England. I first came across Jezzball on the Microsoft Entertainment pack whilst installing a computer for a neighbour late December ‘97. I didn’t take any notice of it first, until the kids started playing on it. I soon became hooked on the game (as I had to show them who was the boss) and thought my scores of 200-300 thousand were the business until one day I searched for Jezzball on the Internet and was amazed when I came across a score of 1.5 million (not this site!!).

Jezz-on!I decided I was missing some sort of basic strategy and hit on it by accident in the very next game in which I took my score, over a period of 3 weeks to 6.7m, during this 3 weeks I had discovered this site, and used some of the tips which obviously helped. The game ended abruptly when one night I hit the X (quit) instead of minimise. Ouch!

Jezz-on!My next game took around 18 hours and I accumulated a score of over 10m, the reason this one ended was I forgot Rule Number One...Patience !. I think basically I relaxed after the 10 million milestone.

Jezz-on!I have not started another game yet, but may do soon.

Jezz-on!Anyway thats enough about Jezzball, heres a bit about myself.....

Jezz-on!I am 42, married with a wife (Diane) and 2 kids (Tom & Emma). I work in the computer industry, using mvs and unix operating systems, specialising in storage management and security. I also do a lot with PC's.

Jezz-on!In my spare time I go mountain biking, ten pin bowling , like to watch football (thats soccer to most of you folks!) Manchester United and...C’Mon England in the World Cup!, watching motor racing (F1) and movies and music and computer games and lots more that I can’t think of at the moment.


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