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Date: Tuesday, 1 October 2002

Jezz on!I started playing JezzBall several years ago with only minimal success and enthusiasm.  One day, quite by accident, I made a tunnel and captured the last ball at the end of it, discovering that clearing a larger area resulted in a much higher score.  I continued to play but couldn't get past Level 14 and 400,000 points.

Just over four months ago,  I decided to check on the Internet to see if someone had a high score listed.  I found www.jezzball.com and was amazed at the very large scores that I saw there.  I looked at the tips and had a "DUH" moment when I realized that the tunnel that I was making for the last ball on the screen, could be used to trap a lot of balls.  I was still trying to separate them on the screen then use the tunnel for the last ball.

Even though I am fairly intelligent, sometimes I don't pay attention to the obvious.  Of course I immediately changed my strategy and at once began getting scores into the millions.  I don't aspire to get on the all time high scorers list but I am glad that I managed to get on the Level 45 list. My high score so far is 6,525,036 at Level 48.

I have four kids aged 16, 13, 8 and 5, and a great husband.  The oldest two children live with their mom in another state but we get to see them as often as we can and I am happiest when we are all together.  I have a degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education and taught for a number of years before I met my husband but decided to be a stay-at-home Mom when I met him.  We are very lucky.

Currently, I home-school the two youngest and that, plus recent renovations on our house, keeps me pretty busy.  My passions are genealogy and quilting.   When the house is done, I will probably spend my spare time doing those things and will get away from playing jezzBall.  

Happy JezzBall Playing!!  Amy



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