David Rich 4-99, in my Homeoffice at my desk

jezz on My name is David Rich and I hand-fasted with my Soulmate Tia after only 14 days from our first e-mail in 1998 before we had even kissed, and we have had a tight loving relationship ever since. By day I custom design and fabricate copper sheet metal for gazebo roof caps and replace gutters here in Lake Oswego Oregon, just 15 miles South of Portland. If by any chance you are in need of my professional services or advice, you can check out my business web site at dmr-gutters.com and copper-by-design.com.

By night, I was a...<HARK! GASP!>...a Jezzball Maniac! That was back in 1996.  Though I do admit that after starting the jezzball.com web site in July of 1997, I have not had much time or enthusiasm to try out the winning tips that we have received from some of the other Over-achievers listed on the Top 20 List of High Scorers.

My Soulmate Lady Tia, the inspiration to be my very best!I think it best to not become one of the top scorers, as many would be quick to question my integrity.  If I were to honestly invest the time to reach the super high scores, who would I have to prove to?  Myself? Luckily I do not have such an ego problem.  I am quite happy to host the accomplishments of these JezzBall Over-achievers glorified on this web site.   I think this kind of integrity is what will keep this site viable to last for a good long while.

Here to the right is an example of my work, designing and making copper sheet metal roof caps.  You can see more if you click in the this photo. We have been taking orders from clients from all over the country.  We have a lot of clients back East.  This cap went on an 8 sided turret roof on a house in Athens GA.  The cost was $1,200 delivered in a custom wood frame box.


Lady Tia on our wedding day

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Here we are at the Shrewsbury Ren Fair
on our wedding day


Here we are recently at the Oregon Country Fair 2004


My Spirituality is represented as an art form here:


(which predates Nazi or Christian symbols, and is used by Firefighters)


Here is David's first tattoo (11/04)
It is an ancient Celtic Cross design
The wings represent: The 4 Elements
Large ring: Sun
Small ring: Moon
Center: 5th Element-Spirit.

And here is David's tribal chest tattoo (1/07)




These 12" wide drums were painted by a friend named John Rigby
Ph# 503 544 1865 or Spyder77769@netscape.c*m
(just replace the '*' with 'o' in .com above)



Here is this symbol even more elaborately painted on
the head of my large 26" wide bodhrain drum



Here is my Soulmate Tia Rich.  My Soulmate Lady Tia, the inspiration to be my very best!She is the light of my life. We met on-line October 1st 1998 and had a storybook romance with an undeniable soulmate connection.  We hand-fasted and exchanged gold rings 14 days later, before we had even kissed.  We were officially married on September 11th 1999 at a local renaissance faire in full costume.  We had a licensed Druidess and Druid perform our ceremony as equals.  It was a very special day.  You can see for yourself and read our vows to each other on our wedding pages.
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I see youI'm Hot!

David Rich, 1992As to the story of JezzBall and me:

jezz on I started off, after getting a Gateway 2000 10th anniversary computer system that had the game pre-loaded. As I was checking out all there was on this new system, I played a few rounds of JezzBall and was promptly hooked. Sometimes, I would play after work until 2 or 3 in the morning. For the longest time I couldn’t separate more than 10 atoms before being defeated. I thought I was doing well, but on a lark, I decided to check out the demo file that came with the game. It suggested that I try to build small traps (losing one life doing so) and wait for them to enter and just quickly close it off.  This strategy offered me not only great success, but also huge bonus points for closing off over 90% of the area. At level 39 for example, I was able to close off as many as 40 atoms and still clear 92% of the play field, with 14 lives left and over 3,000 seconds still remaining and scoring a whopping 201k just in bonus points. I would see JezzBall bouncing around in my eye lids as I would try to go to sleep those nights.



Click here for 73K image     A screen capture of Level 39!


jezz on My best game ended when I finally bit the dust on level 43 after playing for over 5 hours straight, with 4,203,338 points total. I wanted to brag up my score, but I felt like a freak, since every one I knew that liked the game was not even close to my score. I felt like an alien for having decided to waist so much time on this game. A year later, after not finding any avenues to reach out to other Jezz-Freaks on the web, I finally put up this web site to give all Jezz-Freaks a home.

Click here for 61K image Level 43. I died here


Friendly e-mail


To: www.dmrgutters.com


The Better Business Bureau-Business Integrity Award Certificate 3-18-98


A Good Question From a Fellow Jezz-Fan

At 07:42 PM 11/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
   Oh I wasn't mad at you, I was just saying "Thanks". So why is Jezzball such a cool game? I know it's fun but why do you like it so much? I'm just curious.

Hi again Audra,

   I certainly do not suggest that Jezzball is a way cool game, but for some reason I found it to be rather challenging and addicting. And that's saying a lot since I'm not much into playing computer games. My secretary, Kurt, on the other hand can more or less skunk just about anyone on the web, in about a hundred different games. He took international championship in a Formula Race Car game simulation, two seasons in a row. But this simplistic game called Jezzball is the one game that I had walloped him on, and still do today.

   I had far out done any one I knew locally, so I decided to reach out to the web and see what others were doing, but alas I found nothing on the web referring to Jezzball. So a year later I finally had Kurt help me start a web site devoted to Jezzball. I made many changes, and keep it updated. (he hates how flashy, and loud I made it)

   Through the web site, I found a few people who have out done me. They gave me some advice on how to surpass my own score, but running the web site has taken all my free time. I have not had a chance to really try it out. I did post it up on my site though, for all to read.

   Don't get me wrong, I find interacting with other Jezz-Freaks to be more fun. I've gotten over 2500 visitors on this site in October alone, and a fair percentage have taken the time to write me. I've not gotten any negative e-mail yet, so I must not be offending people with my irreverent humor. I tried to show that I don't take it too seriously, but I'm afraid to report that I was compelled to register the domain name, so the URL will soon be www.jezzball.com.

   I am still trying to sort out how to implement it with out disturbing my main business site. Perhaps I am a little carried away, but it's about the other fans, not just the game.

Maybe we will have to sponsor a Jezz-anonymous group. Ha Ha!

018.gif (3493 bytes)

Here is an fake image that was sent to me, so I doctored it up some more, and sent this back to him. Fakes are not too hard to discover, and I get help from the Jezz-Judges, who are on the Top 20 List of High Scorers to expose their fraud.

Its Magic

     I would recommend to any one; to build a Web Site with a central topic, and register it with the search engines. You will find lots of other people with similar interests. The Web can be a super-pen-pal connection
Just like you and I!
     If you don't mind, It's always fun to see who I am corresponding with,
so feel free to send me a snap shot of yourself
What kind of things are
you into?



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