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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997

   Have just discovered your web site.....Am so glad we are not the only Jezz crazy nuts in this world. We would love to find out what we have to do to make the top 20 list (officially). My husband highRonald and Barbra McDonald score is 2,416,524 and I have scores from 2,027,533 to 2,2280,579. Thus if anyone comes to our house they must make over 2, 028,000 to be in our hall of fame.

   Before we found your web site - We discovered our niece and her better half were also hooked. One thing lead to another and we somehow developed the "Jezzkingdom". Our top scorer is the ruler of the Kingdom, currently that is King Ronald at 2,416,524 - we have also had Queen Pattie as a ruler ( for a short while) who now is currently working on kicking King Ronald's Royal butt from the throne as is the Kings wife, x-Queen Barb. We also have Sir Ken who has yet to be seated in the Royal throne.

   All this resulted in some very funny and entertaining emails - That are also forward to our loyal non playing subjects.

Thank You. . . now Lady Barb (x-Queen)

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997


   Gee how exciting to have my own page. Like your new page. Am afraid I'm one of the deprived ones, no scanner and no talent for art work. So I'll have to trust you,  but then again you play Jezz so how can you not be trusted. Am afraid I won't be changing my email address at age 54 I'm to set in my ways and it takes to much time away from my playing. (grin>>>)

   Still have to work on your instructions of how to get our hall of fame scores to you - some things are a little tricky for me. Am learning by bits and pieces and telephone calls to my computer programmer son. But know I better do it soon or our scores won't be high enough to make the list. When I checked out your site we would of been around 8th place now we are around 12th (boo-hoo).

   Will give you some brief facts and you can incorporate them into web page as time and desire permits. How's that for a start?

   Nov of 1994 my husband - King Ronald, (who is 64) and myself retired and relocated from Anchorage, AK to Las Vegas. Well we flunked retirement.

   In Jan 1997 - his mom came to live with us. She turned 89 last Sat. and has a major case of ALZ. So I'm the prime care giver, but work part time 12 hours a week. While I'm at work Ron mommy sits, the rest of the week he works part time. We discovered Jezz and found it to be a major stress reliever.

   Now you must understand King Ronald never even set in front of a computer until earlier this year. He thought a mouse was something you caught in a trap. Am really proud of his computer accomplishments. (But I sure hate getting beat at my own game- guess I'm just to good of a teacher.)

   Thinks that's enough info for this session, but before I go have one major question: What is the proper pronunciation of JEZZBALL? Most people I talk to say JAZZball, as in the Jazz singer.


Date: April 12nd 1999

Hi David and Tia,

Yes, I have checked out Tia's site and it is neat. .Also am pleased to hear you two have discovered each other.  Having your own true soul mate is sooooooooo special.

Which brings me to the reason for this email, to tell you about my special soul mate.  The real Ronald McDonald, currently showing up as number 15 on your top 20 list.  Thanks to my number one son who used his trusty scanner I am now ready to meet your request of so many moons ago -  am attaching a picture of Ron and myself that we had taken this last Xmas time. For the record Ronnie will be 66 this coming May, and I his much younger wife will be %* in Oct.

And I also want to tell you that Ronald is in the process of moving upward on the list.  He will for sure be in one of the top 10 positions when and if he ever finishes playing this game he started on 2/28.  He usually only manages to play 2 or 3 levels a day.  Currently he is higher than 10th but figured to let those in the top 10 wonder who will or will not be suffering a change in their position that they worked so hard to obtain.

Things have been better for him since Christmas when I finally got a new
computer and turned over the old one to him, complete with the Jezz program.  As so many times prior to Christmas he had a really good game going and when I would be trying to do something I would overload everything and have to crash and reboot.  Needless to say its a miracle we will be celebrating out 22 wedding anniversary this month.

But now short of a major power outage, or complete computer melt down. .he
can play till he himself crashes the game.

Am worried what he will do with himself once this game is completed as am sure he will no longer feel like repeating this marathon.  So be sure and put us on the list to receive one of Scott Newman's new games when he has it ready.

Am afraid I am very lacking in some computer skills. . Is there any way for me to update the information you have on my web page at your site.. .or for you to update it. . .We have long ago given up on the kingdom of Jezz. . we in the family have proclaimed Ronald to be the Royal ruler. . with Barb (that's me - no longer being a lady) now being just his beloved servant.

You are doing a great job with the Jezz site. . .and are greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Your Jezz friends

Ron and Barb McDonald

Date: May 31 1999

Dear Dave and other Jezz involved players:

Attached you will find pictures of Ronnie's attempt to gain 1st place status in the world of "JEZZ."  Notice the word attempt, yes it was very disheartening for him not to meet his goal, thru no fault of his own.  To explain how he got to the end results I will start at the beginning of level 49.

On Feb 28th he reached level 49 and started taking pictures each time he played the level.  At the same time I made and printed a ledger sheet for him to keep a written record of his level 49 plays.  I was going to type this all up and attach it, as well as the pictures but just haven't gotten around to it.  We know he missed a couple of pictures and also we know he missed a couple of written entries but it looks like he played level 49 at least 250 time, from 2/28 to 5/14.  My paint file became so large that I deleted a mess of picture during the process.

As to what happen in the end. . I would not touch his computer for anything during this time. .as prior to our getting a new computer (at Xmas) and making this computer totally his I was force to crash some very promising games in the past.  Since I have also returned to work and am gone during the day I was totally shocked to arrive home May 15 and find all the clocks in the house blinking 12:00 - and we all know what that means - POWER OUTAGE.  Of course power outage means everything crashes, so there I sat staring at the clocks, afraid to enter the computer room knowing what I would find (or wouldn't find) until Ronnie came home.

Only to discover he had been home earlier and already knew the horrible fate of his game. . An untimely death due to lack of current.. . He's mentioned that Nevada Power Co. owes him a year of free electricity but I don't think they will buy into his idea, as more than likely they will claim the wind storm that caused the power outage was an act of God.

Well, that about sums up his latest attempt to break the record, not bad for a guys that just turned 66 yesterday and up to about a couple of years ago had never touched a computer. Although I do have to admit his computer use is limited to Jezz, and a couple of other games.  But he did get pretty proficient at taking his own level pictures.

Please let me know that you received and were able to open the proof file.  So named top 10 as that's were he now racks in the top 10.

As ever your Jezz Friends
Ron & Barb McDonald


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