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updated 3-2-2004

Jezz on!You are able to score a copy of the whole Entertainment Pack at several PC stores around.  I have a few floppy discs a friend in another State found, with only this game on it. I could send it to you for $6 php. As I said, I don't have many. The address is all there on my web site. Think of it as a treasure hunt.  Microsoft more or less gave up on it back in 1996, when they started to simply sell it to computer manufacturers as filler software to have on the new computers they sell.  This is how it got so well known, since many computers had it already on the hard drive. 


Jezz on!I tried to work a deal with Microsoft to let me sell JezzBall by itself for a smaller amount, but no go.   Here is a web address to make comments about this game to the people at Microsoft. Be sure to tell them you want them to update this game with some of the suggestions we have listed here.

Send Comments to Microsoft

You should ask them to update the game for us, since the game it's self has not changed in 6 years, and they are not planning to do anything about it. So far it is still the same old game that only runs well on a 486 computer.  Good luck!   The future of JezzBall lies in your hands!

Here are a few people who have said they will revamp this game with improvements, but it has been a few years and nothing has come of it, so don't hold your breath. If you have computer programming skills and nothing better to do, feel free to give it a whirl, and you can tease us also.

Matthew Miller has made a good JezzBall clone called IceBreaker for windows and Linux. You can go here to get it: http://www.mattdm.org/icebreaker/

Scott Newman said he was going to make an improved version of this game, but he has bailed on us.  He does have a Web Site all about what kind of improvements could be made to JezzBall.  He said he is working onDuh, Hello! a new and improved version of a JezzBall type game, and has asked for suggestions from you, as to what you might see that would make it even better.

Jason Doucette is also working on an improved version of this game. He seems energetic about it, and has put a lot of thought to it. You can see some other games he has worked on at his web site.

There is several on-line JezzBall clones out there now.

One is at The Arcadevillage called: 'CatchBall' Click on that name to go there and play it. It is pretty good, but I did not see where you can compare your scores to others. There is nothing to download onto your computer. The best part is that there are no annoying banners like the next on-line clone

Duh, Hello!Denny Cronin made a real slick clone of JezzBall that he calls Bolaloca, which is Spanish for "crazyball" and even has a domain name for it at www.bolaloca.com. It is a very good clone that is played on-line as well.  I would say it is even a little better than JezzBall, so go there an have fun!

Mo Kakwan recently did some research for us and found these JezzBall clone:

There is http://tjaden.strangesoft.net/snowball/

There is also Jezzball ultimate http://www.intelore.com/jezzball-ultimate.php

Jezzball Delux http://www.terminalstudio.com/jezzball.shtml


You can e-mail us to reserve your order for a new improved version of JezzBall.  I will let you know when if and when it comes out, or whether a new version comes from Microsoft.
AOHell users; if you want me to reply, you will need to make it so I can reply to you, or my e-mail will only bounce back as undeliverable.
Go here
Jezz on! You can click here for a copy of my Jezzball game icon. Place the file in your System folder, in the Windows folder, so you can find it quickly.to read some of the suggestions I have posted for the new JezzBall.

Jezz on!Yes, the game of JezzBall can be e-mailed as an attachment, but not legally, as it would be Software Piracy.  Microsoft is very greedy as you all know, and has chosen to not release it as freeware.  I have a family to feed, so I will not commit this crime for anyone!  It would be hard to earn a living while in prison.  Besides, why should I bother?  What would be in it for me?  Because of hosting this cool Web Site for you all, I have gotten thousands of requests to commit this crime. I grow weary of such blatant disregards for the law or my personal welfare. You will not find a link or hidden link to down load JezzBall from any page on my Web Sites.

How ever, if you insist on scoring a hot copy of this game, there are several other web sites you could go to.  But this is all academic since you would never think of cheating Microsoft out of there much needed revenue, now would you?

Jezz on!Here is the Ruediger Family's homepage they are very friendly and have put a lot of work into a fun web site.  It's a well made site, that is a very good example of how to build a site of your own. Sign their guest book and receive a nice surprise.

Jezz on!Here is The RHogue web site.

Jezz on!Here is a JezzBall web page.

Jezz on!Here is another JezzBall web page.

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