David and Tia's Physical Relationship
Written by Tia 3-14-99


David and I wanted to share our love story with those who might visit.
To not include the physical aspects of our relationship would be depriving you of a very important part of our love.  How are we to express such passion and intensity in mere words.  Such intensity of feelings have made this page most difficult to write.  We are now trying to express these thoughts, after some 1,400 hours of intense research, in the past 5 months
(as of 3-14-99, and we continue to be passionate for each other; 2-21-03).

I know that many of you may feel that's impossible, and that we are exaggerating the time invested with each other.  I do not attempt to mislead you.  Bound up in those hours is not just sex, but also the amount of time we have put into "making love".  I use this term to describe the sharing we have emotionally and physically, whether it was through e-mail, over the phone, or in each other's arms. 

We find that hours and even days go by where we have put aside all other things in our lives to "love" one another.  Some of those days are filled with deep insightful conversation, while others are spent lying in bed, passionately entwined.  Never do we plan to have sex, or be attentive to each other, it is something that sparks, with mutual undeniable desire. 

I do not mean to offend any one, and have no wish to be graphic about  our sexual appetites.  I do on the other hand wish to share the immense joy I have had in exploring my sexuality.  David has led me to a place, I had not conceived existed outside of movies or romance novels. It is not just that he is a good and attentive love.  Our Soulmate connection is nearly indescribable. Tantric if you will, not to over use such a trendy word.  We clearly have a deep loving psychic connection that enhances our lovemaking and sex.

I have discovered things about myself that I thought were never there, or lost in my youth.  David has helped show me that I am capable of being a sexual creature, and deserve to have my needs fulfilled.  I previously had experienced sexual relationships that pleased me, but ultimately had no focus on my own pleasure.  My enjoyment was incidental.  I was not allowed any control.  Keeping me from expressing my own sense of passion.  Never knowing what it was like to climax over and over in a single sexual encounter (commonly a couple dozen times, no joke).

To have a man derive pleasure not only from his own orgasm, but from the intensity of my pleasure is a new experience for me.  It took me time to understand David's pleasure in my enjoyment.  I expected that men need to climax with every sexual encounter, and felt it was a lack on my part if that did not occur.

David expressed that for once in his life he has been able to understand the ideals from the Kama Sutra.  He now experiences great pleasure from the action, and understands that to climax would shorten the time we have for this blending of bodies we enjoy.  That way we are able to enjoy so many hours of pleasure at a time, and when he does orgasm it is much more intense than he had ever known.

His look,  his touch, his smell, and even his taste stimulate me, and drive me wild with intense passion.  I have learned that there are several forms of climax.  When we "make love " through our intimate conversations, I am filled with an overwhelming warm deep feeling of love throughout my body.  Sexually for me one orgasm is not just like the other, they range not only in intensity, but in their very essence of form.

Some may say it is only lust.  I do not discount the lust involved, but I do not attribute that to being all we share, for it is so much more than that.  To this day, I do not see men out there who affect my lust as David does.  Even the hottest Movie Stars.  I believe the magical Soulmate bond and psychic connection we seem to have, has a lot to do with how deep our passions run.  We finally feel truly alive, and realize why we had to struggle through so much pain, heartache, and  ..................., to get to this utopia we have found in each other.

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