David & Tia's Emotional Relationship



Right from the first, the both of us have been emotionally and mentally in sync.  We have found a sharing in many beliefs and goals in our lives.  Yet also, those beliefs and goals that we find different from each other, have added to our relationship greatly.  They allow us to retain our individuality in our tightly bonded union, and enrich each others lives.

Finding the person that fits you emotionally, is an experience we sincerely hope all people will find.  It is very difficult to tell you how extremely lucky we both feel to have finally reached that utopia. We are now reaping the incredible rewards that were unimaginable to us, prior to our rediscovery.

David and I have been able to balance out between our different emotional landscapes.  He has been a grounding force to me in storms of intense emotions, be they "negative" or "positive".  We have learned that even the "negative" emotions experienced cannot be stereotyped.  In our most frustrating moments we find ourselves inspired to never let go, and push through the issues and emotions affecting us.   Each event has brought us closer, and we find that through accepting these times as a benefit to us, there is not an issue of "negative" feelings.  They loose their negative quality, and become emotions that initiate continued growth and bonding in our relationship.

Our ability to share anything freely and openly with each other without worry, awes us at times.  When relaxing and sharing those special moments, we find it is too constricting to have much distance separating us.  Rather to be in close proximity, allows us to touch the other persons hand, give a spontaneous hug, or better yet, entwine our bodies.  Thus, enabling us to bond our emotions with our mental strengths.  We were compelled to have marathon phone conversations in the beginning of our relationship, given the 90 mile separation.  Immediately prior to the my move, we found it frustrating to talk on the phone, because our conversations became so intense.  We were not able to complete the mental, emotional and physical bonding. It was a great relief to finally be together on a constant basis!

I find it difficult to put into words how inspired we become in the presence of each other.  Often our emotions are so in sync, that the feeling of our love surrounds us.  It actually feels as though our hearts are being infused with such intense emotions, allowing it to swell and grow.  Thankfully we experience these moments frequently, as we both seem to suffer from withdrawal if our souls are not fed quite regularly. When we are at odds with each other it is does not last very long as we both suffer the pain of being out of sync and wish to restore our equilibrium.   David has become my drug.  It seems I cannot get enough of him. 


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