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We regret to inform you that we needed to take down this part of the web site. We realized that spammers have web-bots that harvest e-mail links on web pages, and intern sell these lists to those who have no ethical responsibility and will spam you with their products or service. Because of this, we have neglected to update these web pages since 2001, and in early 2003 removed them all together.

Below is a list of the numbers of JezzBall fans in the different areas of the world

Africa 3 Asia 6 Australia 14 Canada 47
Europe 34 Iceland 4 Mexico 1 Middle East 4
New Zealand 2 Nowheresville 230 South America 5 Other Places 6


United States 339
Alabama 5 Alaska 1 Arizona 4 Arkansas 3 California 33
Colorado 6 Connecticut 2 Delaware 1   Florida 16
Georgia 11 Idaho 4 Illinois 9 Indiana 7 Hawaii 0
Iowa 7 Kansas 3 Kentucky 4 Louisiana 11 Maine 2
Maryland 7 Massachusetts 13 Michigan 9 Minnesota 4 Mississippi 2
Missouri 6 Montana 3 Nevada 3 New Hampshire 3 New Jersey 9
New Mexico 0 New York 21 North Carolina 2 North Dakota 1 Ohio 12
Oklahoma 8 Oregon 15 Pennsylvania 24 Rhode Island 2 South Carolina 4
South Dakota 1 Tennessee 8 Texas 26 Utah 6 Vermont 0
Virginia 9 Washington 5 West Virginia 8 Wisconsin 11 Wyoming 1



If you would really like to see an update to this game, then I highly encourage all of you to take some time out to e-mail Microsoft and plead with them to do it. If enough of us reach their attention, they will probably go for it. They seem to be good about going where the money is (Tell them to sell it separately, and make it barely fit onto one DVD, instead of fitting on a single floppy disc with room to spare). Please do your part to bring this about. If you don't, then there is no hope of this ever coming about. The future of JezzBall lies in your hands.

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