Help us Stop Kitty Porn! :)

At 1254 PM 2/9/98 -0600, you wroteToby

>Dear David,

>What's it with the Kitty Porn? Just wondering.


Hi Ginger,

   It's just a joke for cat lovers. Are you a cat lover? I only had one. A black American long hair named Toby. We didn't name him. We got him a year old from the clutches of death (the Humane Society). He had been the best cat I've ever known. An excellent mouser. In fact if you are his size or smaller, you are fare game. He as caught birds, and even a few squirrels. He will come home with a squirrel tail sticking out of his mouth, every so often.

   Seriously though, people are ether so hyper sensitive to all the smut on the web, or they can't get enough of it. I thought it was a silly little ice breaker. I feel there is enough smut on the web that they sure don't need me to add to it, so I try to keep my site some what clean. I do like a pretty woman as much as the next guy, and I do happen to indulge in an art collection I am proud of, even though some pieces may look a bit racy. I am more drawn to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy of it all. I am intrigued by the wild imagination of it. As I have touted often enough; rarely does a porn movie have any thing to do with eroticism. I hope you are not offended by these statements, but you asked. I keep it no secret from those around me. Although my friendliness may be misconstrued as flirtatious, I am quite monogamous.

    If it were to say "Stop Kiddy Porn", I would have to make it a link to some socially relevant page on the Web. That gives me a great Idea I could make a copy of this letter, and have it point to the latest page on my Web Site. What do you think? Give me about an hour, OK?

Here is our latest kitten: Bella. Isn't she cute?

You are an official Jezz Friend.

Don't be a stranger. Best wishes.

David & Tia Rich



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