Lord David & Lady Tia's
 2004 Spiritual Anarchist Beltane Experience
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Driving out there and setting up camp

It is a bit of a drive from the Portland Oregon area, out there to go to the Klickitat river camp ground. It is a ways East on Highway. 14 in Washington, and then another distance North from there. It takes several hours to drive it. Then a good portion of the drive North is on very narrow winding 2-way roads with a steep cliff off one side. That road has no divider lines for much of it, and is so narrow at points that it is tricky to get past on-coming traffic.

We were asked not to give out specific detailed directions or dates, since it is meat to remain some-what a private affair. You pretty much need to know someone who has gone to get a date and directions to the camp site. If you were to e-mail us, we still would not disclose this info to strangers.

Above left is a scene form an observation point just a few miles from the camp ground. That is Mt. St. Hellens in the background. The picture on the right is from the camp entry road, just before entering the camp grounds. It was greener than usual this year out there, with all the lush rains we got that spring. That made it cooler and less dusty. The draw-back was the amount of bugs we had to endure as well. I wound-up getting a tick lodged in my neck that first night there. There were swarms of thousands of these small red Boxelder bettles flying around in the shade, mating like crazy. We called them the Beltane bugs. Many of us wound up taking a lot of them home with us wrapped up in our camping gear. <LOL>

We can see 2005 Beltane is to be nice and green as well.

We left the kids with relatives and just traveled light, sleeping in the van.  This is our camp below, and other camp sites below that.

There were several tantric temples for the community set-up this year.
Here we are checking out the lay-of-the-land.

Lady Tia


This was a swell way to get around.


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