Lord David & Lady Tia's
 2004 Spiritual Anarchist Beltane Experience
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Some of the people who celebrate with us

Reuniting with old friends
It is a good time to socialize with other fellow Pagans we often don't see the rest of the year. We meet new people and get to know each other a little. It is a relaxed time of reflection. For some it is a highly spiritual time to journey, have deep conversations and lively debates, during ritual, communing with raw nature, drumming, and or dancing the fire pit at night.

Above left is the current May King. Below Left is the last May King before him

For the most part we get along very well. This year there was some controversy over the men bringing a dead tree back to camp for the Maypole, but the real problem was lying about this detail. I wrote about this issue in more detail on one of my philosophy pages at: http://www.dmr-gutters.com/dar/philosophy/honesty.htm
There is not a lot of nudity, but some people are laid back and casual at times.

This was the maypole at the end.

There is a nice cool clean river that runs through the camp. It is the Klicketat River of course.


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