600 Portland Oregon Metro Area 1971/72 Honda 600 Car Fan Club from the late 80's

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Our Honda 600 Car Club Road Rally Gatherings

Other Honda 600's

We put together several road rallies and such.   If you think the car gets stares, just drive around town with a dozen of your friends all together.  They were well known for such good handling, they drove like a go-cart.  They were not known for being speedy.  I published a monthly newsletter for a while, centered around these cars. I will put links to the text some day.

At a Honda 600 Road-Rally I Set Up

Bill's Honda 600 Sedan

We drove from Honda dealership to Honda Dealership from Oregon City, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington.  The people working at the Honda dealerships were the most amazed, as many of them had never seen these original Honda cars.  We would stop in, and they would come out to see these cars and ask us questions.

At Dick Hanna Honda Another Honda 600 Coupe
Another Honda 600 Coupe Don's Honda 600 Sedan
Honda 600's
Bill's Honda 600 Sedan Another Honda 600
Rob's Honda 600 Sedan Bill's Honda 600 Sedan
Other Honda 600's

Another Honda N600 Sedan

Another Honda 600 Sedan


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