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Humorous Notes

A 1972 Add for The Honda 600 CoupeThis was a humorous add that really did run in magazines in 1972.  It suggests that this car is a babe magnet, even if it didn't say it out right. I saved pictures from magazines.

One of these, a Z600 converted into a large wheeled 4x4, and another one where a guy had crammed a Chevy  big block V8 into one with wide slicks in the rear.  There was less than a foot between the rear tires.  He had to move the dash, back and used the back seat as the drivers seat.

A 1972 Add for The Honda 600 Coupe


Here is a few nicely altered Honda 600 cars I thought you would enjoy seeing:

A converted Honda 600 Coupe in an Artcar Parade in Kansas Jay Benson's Honda 600 Coupe
AN 600 D - for drag racer


Dave Barden's Electric Honda N600 Sedan, soon to be Drag-Racer

From: Dave <daveb@drizzle.c*m>
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2008
Subject: Re: Your Honda 600 web page

Hi David,
Sure, I'd be glad to have you post pics on your website...  here's a few more. It'll look very different under the hood by spring though so will have to send an update.

It is highly possible that I could bring it by on my way to or from Portland sometime this summer, as I hope to bring it down for the fourth annual John Wayland Invitational Electric Vehicle Drag Races at PIR.   Probably in July.   I won't be able to drive it down, will have to tow it as it will have a range of about 40 miles only. I talked to Brian at B&B thanks to you and your website,  :^) and definitely want to stop by their shop when I'm down there.

The first picture below is the Li-Ion battery pack in the back. This is the the 4th and by far best battery pack in the car. There are 10 - 12v Valence Li-ion batteries rated at 100ah 12,800 watts of power. Enough to push the car 40 miles between charges. Range is dependent on terrain. So that 40 miles could easily be 50 on flat land and of course less in really hilly country.  this pack is loaned to me by my friend Kent and will shortly be going back into his electric beetle.  I hope to have my own Lithium pack sometime in April.

The next is the motor, controller, etc under the hood. Here's a few details of the car: The motor sits atop the crankcase replaces the original cylinders and top end. the belt drives the original crankshaft, clutch, and tranny. The motor is an old GE, probably out of a forklift, 7inch diameter, 64v 11hp. I've had it rebuilt twice. It is too small and will be replaced this winter with an 8inch 72hp motor.  The controller is an older Curtis 1221B 400 amp unit. It is also a bit small as well and will be replaced this winter with a Godzilla "Zilla, Z1K" 1,000amp controller.

Impressive copper work!



Walt Nicholson's Honda N600 Sedan/Pickup-Truck

Walt Honda Truck 600

Walt Honda Truck 600

Walt Honda Truck Honda 600 Sedan TruckHere is a Sedan that was converted into a small pickup truck. As best I can see, they did an excellent job of it too. It seems to be in immaculate shape also. His name is Walt Nicholson, and lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He is willing to sell it to the highest bidder. He is hoping to get $3,500 for it. He has lots of extra parts to throw into the deal. Just click on his name to e-mail him. Enjoy!



B & B Automotive

Brian and Blaine Higginson

Brian & Blaine Higginson of B & B Automotive 1998Blaine Higginson has one of the most decked out Honda 600s I've ever seen (shown below).   He and his brother Brian, run B & B Auto Repair at 984 17th St., Washougal, Washington 98671.  There phone # is: 1-877-656-6607, but if you happen to be local, please call: 1-(360)-835-5191.  Call during their business hours of 8:00AM to 5:30PM Pacific time. I visited them last on 4-25-98, and they still have dozens of Honda 600 cars there. They even have two S600 roadsters.   They have some new parts and thousands of  used parts.  To e-mail B & B AutomotiveMost all are for sale.

Blaine's Honda 600 CoupeBlaine's Honda 600 Coupe

Blaine's Honda 600 coupe and trailerBlaine's Honda 600 Coupe and trailer

Brian Higginson in the year 2000 Brian has always preferred the Sedans over the
 Coupes, unlike his Brother

Brian's Honda 600 Sedan


A Visit to B & B Automotive

James & Elise in front of a rare Honda S600 Elise & James in back of a rare Honda S600

An Internet pen-pal from Salt Lake City, Utah Named James Schatten and his wife Elise, stopped by to visit on 4-25-98, and we drove over to B & B Automotive to see their  Honda 600 grave yard.  They have a dozen or so 600 cars there along with thousands of new and used parts.  James had never seen a Z600 Coupe in person before that day, and was in for an extra special treat, as they had a 1968 rear wheel drive Honda N600 there that day.  Those cars are very rare.

Me, James, Elise, and BrianBrian's Honda N600 Sedan

James works at a Honda dealership in the parts department.  He told me there, that he first gained interest when he asked the Parts Manager what was the first Honda car like.  The Parts Manager showed him a parts breakdown illustration.  James reports there is only one Honda 600 car registered in the whole State of Utah, other that the one he just brought into that State.

James & Elise by a blue Honda Z600 Coupe


Perly Benson's Honda Z600 CoupeHere are a couple submissions to this page from visitors who wanted their car shown on this page. This one was sent to me by William Colford. It is one of the cars on his roster of Honda 600 Owners named Perly Benson

Tim Morse's mint Honda 600 sedanThis one is from Tim Morse from Renton, WA. He writes: I'll give you a little history of the car. I picked it up in March of 1998 from a guy in South Seattle who had bought it from the original owners who it seems were elderly and they took really good care of it.  The car has the original tool kit, original spare tire(!!!), tire chains, plastic still on the doors and sun visors, owners manual, etc.  The car is in fabulous condition except that it doesn't run, but am in the process of getting the engine parts to get it running again.



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