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My name is David Rich

    We have a great group of friendly, and imaginative (if not eccentric) people here in the Portland, Oregon area who crave the attention of others on the road. We get together a few times a year and parade around, giving as many people an eye full as possible, if to keep our cars this way all year round.

    I don't like to get too wordy here, so I will let the pictures do the talking. Click on the images to get a better look.

My own car in the parade

Scot Campbell's Ford DerangerTruck
Here is the art work of Scot Campbell. His last art car, The Ford "De-Ranger" was a popular Portland landmark. The vehicle featured a Bi-polar motif. Grim, dark screaming faces, chains, and goblins on the drivers side and colorful happy clowns, bunnies, cows, etc. This year he went back to a sedan. It has an aztech look to it now. More balance on both sides.

Madcap Motorcade 98
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The other side of Scot's truckA different view of Scot's TruckA close up of Scot's TruckA cute train from BurgervilleGetting ready for the big showSome costumed people for the paradeSome more costumed people for the paradeAn old fasion carA painted hood of a carHood artA Bug from Back to the FutureWhat ever they do, they look real coolWhat do all those pipes do?A decorated NissanA decorated car roofSee if you can see the car under all that stuffThis may not be as fast as it looksAn old car with a mountain on itAnother heavily decorated car, can you tell what type it use to be?This may look like a lot of differant trunks, but it is one large chamber that can be accessed from inside of the car roofThe same car roof from a different angleAnother cose up of a car roofAll it needs now is wingsThe helmet must be to deflect all the tomatoesA Datsun plusA Toyota Celica with intentional holes in the body done with a shot gunA decorated hood or is that bonnetA gw2k vanA Honda Civic of many colorsKkiittttyy....Beware!Nice work!Riding in style!


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