What is Tantra?

   Well, it might be easier to say what it is not, even as cliché as that sounds.

Tantra is not a dogma to be followed.  There are writings to ponder of elders and masters, but Tantra is very much a self discovery as well as discovery of self.  It is an empowering belief, and one to truly live by. Many people when they hear the word Tantra picture wild orgies and incredible sexual endurance.  Sadly they have not grasped the true nature of what Tantra is and the energies that surround it. 

Deep down Tantra is about embracing the love and light energy within yourself.  It is about setting aside the dualities that exist within yourself, and in your outside world and not only seeing but adding to the unity. Joining your energy and actively working in the web of life.  Honoring that you carry within you both male and female energies and uniting the two into a balanced state. First this is done within you on a personal level and can be found in the study of White Tantra,  which can be cohesively studied with the Red Tantric path with a partner.

Because Tantra believes in wholeness, it embraces opposites, seeing them not as contradictions but as complements. The concepts of male and female therefore are not set apart, forever divided by a gender gap, but are viewed as two polarities that meet and merge in every human being.

It is about living your life empowered to experience bliss and enjoyment,  to take yourself out of the cycle that most live of desire and disappointment.  Tantra is not about ego and self pride, which are probably the hardest things to set aside in motivations, especially in the sexual realm.

Within tantrism you will learn to not deny your senses,  any of them, 
you will open yourself up to awareness on many levels, and will experience that moment of peace deep within you, that feels like absolute love for all that surrounds you.  With such senses alive you will also feel the electric vibrations of your soul and all that surrounds you.

In order to Practice Tantra with another trained individual you yourself must truly own yourself and your energies.  Self love comes first, before you expand into the realm of others.  Obviously this is not a quick fix and is a path you will be involved with and growing on your whole life should you wish to accept the journey.  Of course you should only follow it if the journey toward Tantra is what you need.


So where does the sexuality part come in?

Tantra is about embracing pleasure and desires in your life.  Unlike most religious dogmas that expound the sins of pleasure, Tantra sees it as a natural part of existence. There is energy in desires and pleasure that bring you bliss,
and allow you to grow within yourself.  As opposed to the Christian dogma,
which places pleasure as a sin, unless it has an outer godliness to it.  Tantra sees pleasure as an energy you hold within yourself. This does not mean Tantra is about hedonism, that also is an excess the other way to be avoided. 

Tantra is about balance.

The energy you learn to tap into will be used throughout your day in all aspects, so it would obviously also come forth in your sexual life.  
Sexuality and the offering of it in Tantra can be done in a very ritualistic sense and in a casual sense.  Obviously the energy you get out of it is proportionate to the energy you put into it.


The Tantric path encompasses beauty, sensitivity, and exhilaration through eating, drinking, tasting, smelling, touching. It embraces and enhances all forms of creative expression, such as movement and dance, massage, martial arts, the fine arts, healing, and music.

Through experiencing and glorying in the delights of the body, the body becomes a temple in which you experience the sacred. It becomes a doorway to spiritual evolution.





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