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newWitch is a magazine dedicated to, featuring, and partially written by young or beginning Witches, Wiccans, Neo-Pagans, and other earth-based, ethnic, pre-Christian, shamanic, and magical practitioners. Everyone from Traditional Wiccans to potion-makers to Asatruar to eco-Pagans can find something in these pages.


Welcome to the Temple of Ara. I hope that you find it a source of inspiration, community and sustenance and I look forward to your contribution to our journey of discovery and development.

H.Ps. Phyllis Curott
New York, September 2003



This comic was made to have fun & make fun at the world at large and poke fun amongst Pagans. While the strip could easily poke fun at Christians or right-wing groups, these jokes are made all the time. I am not saying that the strip never will poke fun at them, I am simply saying that the focus is to make fun amongst Pagans, not Pagans making fun of other people. Therefore, no-one is a particular target, neither is anyone immune to being a target for the apparent "wit" of this petty strip.


A site with a broad expanse of pagan knowledge.  
Source of Pagan supplies.


A United Kingdom Pagan Site.  
Many articles of Spirituality.



Witches Vox

The Witches Voice web site is a plethora of information,
it is suited for all ages and all paths. 
If you cannot find information try this site.
There is a strong sense of support from this web site for the Pagan community


Web based Pagan storefront.  
Many items I have never seen any other places.


Beautiful Faerie Imagery.  
Enjoy and become a patron of the arts.


Josie's Dollz site.  
Fun place to create your own web graphic dollz.  
Have fun they can be addictive.


Incredibly clean and clear web graphics.  
Please make sure you use the copyright information 
for the artists sake.  


Which Altar  Tool are You?


Celtic Knot:  Witta and Wicca

CelticLady Tia's Celtic HomeCeltic


Witta and WiccaWicca/WittaWitta and Wicca

Celtic ZodiacCeltic Lunar ZodiacCeltic Zodiac


Moon CyclesMoon PhasesMoon Cycles

Moon CyclesChakrasMoon Cycles

Moon CyclesTantraMoon Cycles

Moon CyclesTarotMoon Cycles

Moon CyclesPagan Wands and NecklacesMoon Cycles

Pentagram:  Paganism


Blessed Be