Chakras (Sanskrit for the word Wheels)
 are each a vortex (center) of energy that connects the subtle body with the physical body.
  There are 7 main chakras and each is visualized as a lotus flower


with each petal symbolizing the blossoming of a quality or mental attribute within us all.
 The Chakras run along a central channel called the Sushumna,
 in which the energy Kundalini flows, opening each chakra along its path.


Crown Chakra

Location: Crown, top of the head
Color: Violet
Function: Wisdom and Union
Mantra: None
Petals: 1,000
Element: None

The soul comes into the body through the crown and leaves at death through the crown. This is the place called the Void, the place were awareness of having a beyond physical identity and part of a universal plan exists.  Blockages and fears at this chakra results in spiritual crises, and karmic attachment.  Fear of ones psychic abilities.


Brow  Chakra

Location: Forehead (Third Eye)
Color: Indigo
Function: Perception
Mantra: OM
Petals: 2
Element: None

The Third Eye is the Power center for woman.  The place of seeing beyond physical realities into realities considered psychic The third eye is the individuals Mind and is an aid in learning non-attachment, and in transcending the ego separation.  There are no emotions held at this level, only analysis and thought.


Throat Chakra

Location: Throat
Color: Bright Blue
Function: Creativity
Mantra: HAM
Petals: 16
Element: Akasa (ether/space)

The throat contains the template and blueprint of the body, mind and emotions and represents the manifestation of the Non-void in the individual.  Change, transformation and healings are located here.  This is the chakra where anger is stored and released.


Heart Chakra

Location: Heart
Color: Green
Function: Love and Healing
Mantra: YAM
Petals: 12
Element: Air

The heart center also connects the body and mind with spirit, or basic survival with mature needs.  It deals with a persons ability to love oneself, to give and to receive. Emotions of compassion and universal love are held here


Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Solar Plexus
Color: Yellow
Function: Power and Will
Mantra: RAM
Petals: 10
Element: Fire

The Solar Plexus is the power center for men.  Earthplane life energy enters the body here to be sent throughout the physical body. Self confidence, and self esteem are focused here. Anxiety and fear are held and released here


Sacral Chakra

Location: Sacral Plexus
Function: Sexuality and Pleasure
Mantra: VAM
Petals: 6
Element: Water

The psychic skills of this center are clairsentience (feeling others feelings) Empathing so to speak, and out of body travel (Astral) The need to control and hold on, and the healing ability to let go of those emotions are located here. Resentments of manipulation reside here.  Ones healed inner child lives here.


Root Chakra

Location: Perineum
Color: Red
Function: Survival and grounding
Mantra: LAM
Petals: 4
Element: Earth

The ability to be grounded into Earthplane existence resides here as well as the basic needs for survival. A persons core identity is developed here.  Panic is a root chakra emotion. Psychic skills here are near death experience and past life regression.




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