Willow tree

April 15 - May 12


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Saille

Planet:  The Moon

Gemstone:  Moonstone

Flower:  Primrose 

Archetypal Character:   Morgan le Fay or the Morrigan



People born under this sign touch upon all the mysterious aspects of nature and its association with the moon.
  Their psychic
antennae is usually switched on
 and they can recall into the
remotest areas of their memory.  They are naturally drawn to the unexplained mysteries of life.  They very often act intuitively. in all situations.
  They make very powerful friends and enemies.
  They are usually employed in very
responsible jobs,
 but find it hard to settle into definite careers.
  They hold very controversial views,
 but may not feel comfortable expressing these views in public.  Thos allows Willow characters to appear very
  They have a very sensual nature and are easily aroused.  


Positive Aspects:

Willow characters are wise parents,
 and their
instinctual maternal nature has a profound influence.  They have  excellent
 When the right partner is found in their lives a powerful bond is created that strikes an affinity between the sexes.
  There is a high depth of emotion
 with this tree sign that is full of desire and passion.
  This may not always be easy to express or channel positively.  

Negative Aspects:

Willow tree characters can have sudden mood changes that can relate to unreliable traits.
  their power of reasoning may become blurred,
  and lack rationality..... 
There is a reluctance to forgive and forget.