The Vine

September 2 - September 29


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Muin

Planet:  Venus

Gemstone:  Emerald

Flower:   Valerian

Archetypal Character:   Branwen or Guinevere



People born under this tree sign have emotions that run at a high level. 
 They appear to have a cool reserved exterior, 
but possess an extremely sensual nature.
  They have a sense for survival, 
but are not
necessarily ambitious people.  
 Their needs in
life are quite simple. 
 They have a calmness in their spirit and serenity that issues from them. 
 They like to live in the midst of things not wanting to feel isolated.  
They enjoy theatre and music. 
 There is a  feminine aspect to this tree sign for both men and women.  

Positive Aspects:

They tend to be very kind and gentle adept
 at the social arts and the art of love.
They help to create harmony  and stability.


Negative Aspects:

They can be excessive in their self indulgence.
  There can also be a lack of consideration 
for other peoples