Rowan Tree

January 21 - February 17


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Luis

Planet:  Uranus

Gemstone:  Peridot

Flower:    Snowdrop

Archetypal Character:   Brigitania (Britian)
or Brigid (Ireland)



Rowan people have visionary minds and humanitarian principles. 
They feel the frustrations of mankind's struggle towards a future they can foresee.
They tend to speak out on issues with authority when persuaded by a relevant issue.
Natural leaders they are with many followers even when the cause is unpopular or   bizarre.
Specialized and unique skills and talents are characteristics of Rowan people.
They are drawn towards modern technology, and have a desire to reorganize systems that are outdated.
They have diverse interests.
They are musically inclines and enjoy modern or fairly obscure musicians and composers.
They tinker with everything, and are extremely inventive people.
Their sense of humor is odd and they tend to laugh at the serious side of life.
They are drawn to science fiction.
They are people who stand out in a crowd.

Positive Aspects:

A progressive outlook on life.
Kind and thoughtful.
They find it hard to tolerate authority in a restrictive role, such as government or authoritative powers.
Ardent supporter of free speech and respect of others.

Negative Aspects:

Unpredictable responses or reactions.
They may upset people close to them in trying to be completely unconventional,
and may escalate a situation out of proportion.
They can be extremely tactless in their speech and manner when expressing their opinions

Love Life:

In personal relationships their unpredictability is a weak point.
They are determined if somewhat unromantic lovers.
They do not enter marriage lightly and enjoy a great deal of personal freedom.
Their marriages though can be extremely successful, if their partner shares the same way of thinking.