The Ivy

September 30 - October 27


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Gort

Planet:  The Moon veiling Persephone

Gemstone:  Opal

Flower:   Woody Nightshade

Archetypal Character:   Arianrhod



Ivy people are sharp of intellect yet remain modest.
  They have a unique style all of their own.
  They have a serious side that balances the wit they  own.  Their own doubts and fears can manifest into strange dreams and personal encounters.
  Their true talents are rarely learned from books or conventional learning.
  Ivy people tend to make poor students,
 they tend to  prefer using their own ideas
 as opposed to those of others.
  People born under this sign have a profound artistic flair.  People tend to value the friendship of Ivy people.

Positive Aspects:

Ivy people tend to be very loyal to friends, 
and have no difficulty accepting full
responsibility for their actions. 


Negative Aspects:

Ivy people can be very manipulative people,
 who will use their position to influence others for their benefit. They tend to attract instable energies in their life.