Holly Tree

July 8 - August 4


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Tinne

Planet:  Earth

Gemstone:  Red Carnelian

Flower:   Meadowsweet

Archetypal Character:  Danu



Holly tree people have a personal integrity.
Their word is quite literally their bond, and honor is their guiding virtue.
They are extremely sensitive to personal criticism,
that being their Achilles heel.
They are not inclined to be risk takers, until they know all the odds.
They have a natural business sense.
There is a spiritual contentment in their nature,
and have a deep and abiding faith.
They have a great strength of character, and are extremely generous people.
They will expect other people to work as hard as themselves.
They are great collectors and their homes are usually filled.
They have a feel for history or tradition and effects their whole approach to life.
Their is a serious side to their nature,
which can make them appear with out a sense of humor.
They do not like laughter at the misfortune of others.

Positive Aspects:

These people have a firm set of values.
They are strong willed, affectionate and trustworthy.
They have tremendous powers of physical endurance,
and will never expect others to do things they themselves cannot do.


Negative Aspects:

They can be very dogmatic and patronizing people.
Their need for constant attention or affection,
can make them extremely demanding parents and partners.
A miserly attitude can inflict personal hardship.

Love Life:

They are loving partners in every sense.
  They can be overly protective.
They are not inclined to have affairs,
and often marry their childhood sweethearts.
They do have a large number of affectionate friendships with both sexes.
Their love life is something of a mystery due to their discreet nature.