Hazel Tree

August 5 - September 1


Celtic Tree Alphabet:  Coll

Planet:  Mercury

Gemstone:  Amethyst

Flower:   Vervain

Archetypal Character:  Ogma



They have knowledge of the arts and sciences and make good tutors or writers.
They dislike the presence of false values.
They often appear cool and reserved,
and enables them to remain outside of the emotional sphere.
Their emotions are controlled on the surface,
perhaps to cover up a highly sensitive nature.
Nervous tension can engulf them,
and they often are sufferers of sudden headaches and migraines.
Their physical body is not necessarily robust,
but they have a strong mental stamina.
They have an artistic ability that is balanced by practicality.
They are probably the most rational people in the Celtic lunar zodiac.
Their agile minds can cope with any extremes.
  They are most critical of their own shortcomings.

Positive Aspects:

Perceptive and clever people, endowed with good reasoning powers.
Their sharp intellect makes them excellent debaters and writers.
Their need to acquire knowledge makes them great scholars


Negative Aspects:

They can become hypercritical and argumentative, even cynical at times.
They can resort to prying and underhanded means while seeking knowledge.
They have a tendency toward low self esteem.

Love Life:

They make honest partners and caring parents.
They may be inclined to indulge their children and partners at great expense.
Hazel tree people are not demonstrative people,
but are sincere and attract great loyalty from others.