Hawthorn Tree

May 13 - June 9


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Uath

Planet:  Vulcan

Gemstone:  Topaz

Flower:  Wood   Sorrel

Archetypal Character:   Govannan, the smith-god



Hawthorn people are charismatic and full of new ideas.
They are multitalented and adapt easily to change.
They are akin to the Celtic Bards,
and often excel in the performing arts. 
there is a great strength in Hawthorn people
in that they know the weakness of their opposition.
They are not ruthless people,
but are clever strategists.
Their sense of humor can be sharp and full of innuendo.
  They are attracted to the career of writing and journalism.
They adapt to every situation life has to offer.

Positive Aspects:

They have a high level of spontaneity,
and the ability to communicate on every level.
They have a glowing self-confidence that can produce great leaders,
and people who inspire others.
Their sympathetic nature promotes good listeners and makes them honest and sincere friends.


Negative Aspects:

There is the potential for a volatile temperament
that could explode every so often. 
Verbally their anger can cut like a knife.
If they feel threatened in any way they will devise schemes
to thwart their enemies with insight in their enemies

Love Life:

In respect to personal relationships,
it is a question of keeping still long enough to forge a permanent relationship.
They have a low boredom threshold.
They have a vivacious quality that attracts people.
They have a highly sensual nature and personal attractiveness.
They are affectionate, but strict parents.