Elder Tree

November 25 - December 22


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Ruis

Planet:  Saturn

Gemstone:  Jet

Flower:  Dandelion 

Archetypal Character:   Pryderi, son of Pwyll



Elder tree people command respect.
In their youth they can be extravagant in every sense,
and may waste time and energy.
They develop an ability later in life to comprehend the complexities of life,
but must travel far to discover this.
They are frequently in search of fame and fortune,
which may take them to foreign places.
They will find though that their destiny lays closer to home.
They are outspoken people and at times speak without thinking.
They have the ability to sway people with their great oratory abilities.
They are very energetic people,
and will usually be seen out jogging in the park at early hours in all weather.
They have a hyperactive physical stamina.
  Professions that allow for travel or physical exertion are usually best.
Military careers and journalism are high on the career list for Elder tree people. 

Positive Aspects:

They have a constructive approach to life.
They are able to last through that which would destroy most people.
Their real strength lies in their instinctive knowledge of when they are right and others are wrong.
They are self-disciplined.


Negative Aspects:

They can be heartless and cruel people.
They have a lack of judgement that can lead them into scandals.
Their need for personal ambition is high,
and they have a win at all costs attitude.


Love Life:

Their personal lives are an open book.
They will casually walk away from the most disastrous of relationships as though they had no effect.
They never really fall in love with any of their willing victims.
They make wonderful aunts and uncles, who bring great gifts,
and incredible stories from their travels . 
They make ideal parents if the opportunity arises. 
When married they will never be around all the time because of their restless nature.