Birch Tree

December 24 - January 20


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Beth

Planet:  The Sun

Gemstone:  Rock Crystal

Flower:    Daisy

Archetypal Character:   Talesian, the bardic-god (Welsh)
Lugh of the Long arm, the Sun-god (Irish and Gauls)



Birch tree people have the seed potential of all the signs.
They are goal oriented and patient people. 
They thrive best on scheduled lives. 
The term "workaholic" fits Birch tree people. 
Their intense need to succeed is the bottom line for them. 
They are sociable with the people they choose to socialize with. 
They are serious individuals trying to not be serious,
and often have an identity problem. 
They are least likely to be affected physically or mentally,
as they have developed a powerful resistance. 
On the other hand they can become obsessive about their health,
and will often stick to a strict dietary regime.
   Their sense of humor has a droll characteristic. 
They have an acute sense of money, and have worked hard to acquire theirs.
They prefer to keep a low profile even if in a high office.

Positive Aspects:

Reliable and trustworthy people. 
They are usually the most successful members of the family in financial means,
but they do not flaunt their success's.

Negative Aspects:

Pessimistic attitude from to rigid and outlook. 
They impose a large amount of self discipline on themselves. 

Love Life:

Initial sense of loneliness involved with this tree sign. 
Successful marriages often occur later in life, and they are not inclined to divorce,
Love life is rather hit or miss.