Ash Tree

February 18 - March 17


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Nion

Planet:  Neptune

Gemstone:  Coral

Flower:    Wood Anemone

Archetypal Character:   Lir, the sea-god



There are dual aspects of the Ash tree person. 
They have an artistic nature and temperament,
and are highly vulnerable and sensitive. 
They can suddenly switch and become very pragmatic.
The guiding virtue of these people is "compassion".
They have a creative genius for making money,
yet are reluctant to exploit their talents.
They are naturally drawn to the fantasy world of the theater. 
They make excellent artists involved in stage and screen.
They often have a beautiful singing voice. 
They are usually happier working behind the scenes,
but will always attract attention to themselves.
They are also attracted to the nautical world,  either drawn to it or terrified of it.
Very gentle people,
easily hurt and able to absorb negative as well as positive experiences of life.  
They make good considerate friends.
They strive to keep order in their lives


Positive Aspects:

Ash people have great compassion and the ability to relieve the suffering of others.  They have deep faith which may or may not be exhibited through orthodox religion.  Their faith does relate to a highly intuitive nature that draws strength to them.  They are highly adaptable people.

Negative Aspects:

Ash tree people have a nebulous quality that can produce a sense of reality and inability to cope with the practicalities of life.
They can be to easily influenced by others.
They have a hypersensitive nature,
which can undermine their self-confidence and ambitions.

Love Life:

They are great lovers and caring parents.
They are romantics and dreamers of life,
but able to change pace when needed.