Alder Tree


March 18 - April 14


Celtic Tree Alphabet:   Fearn

Planet:  Mars

Gemstone:  Ruby

Flower:    Broom

Archetypal Character:   Bran or Arthur



First type of Alder tree characters:

Alder tree people are extremely physical people and full of energy. 
Danger is appealing to them,and they may find careers in
the military or arenas of high personal risk. 
The cut throat world of high business is also an appealing outlet
to the seeking of danger.
Their personal ego's are high,
yet they are also very vulnerable and seek recognition,
which can lead them astray to the wrong people.
People born under this sign are excellent competitors,
they tend to do everything to the limit of their being.

Second type of Alder tree characters:

They are gentle and accommodating people
who will direct their energies entirely for the good of others.
Often to their own detriment.
They are influential but in their own quiet way. 

Positive Aspects:

Courage to face difficult situations. 
Great loyalty shown to friends and family.
Leaders in their enthusiasm and vitality, able to take the initiative.

Negative Aspects:

Impatience for wanting something can alienate them, yet they will press on regardless and make enemies in the process.
Selfish attitude and quick temper.
Can have a barbed satirical sense of humor.

Love Life:

They have a need for personal freedom, but also a need for love.
They tend to marry in haste, and remain better lovers than husbands or wives.  
They make excellent fathers or mothers.