Ha! Ha! Ha!

of Wishful Jezzball Sequels

Jezz on!10. When iomega makes JazzBall, you listen to Jazz music as you play, and it changes to country western music if you don't score enough bonus points.

Jezz on!9. Ms. JezzBall, where she randomly has offspring, and they move slower at first, but if they hit your line, you loose only half a life, until they mature and Super Jezzball 3-Dspeed up.

Jezz on!8. Super JezzBall 3-D, where instead of advancing to level 50, it changes to 3-D Jezzball and you have atoms flying at you from all directions.

Jezz on!7. Virtual JezzBall, where you feel the atoms hit you.

Jezz on!6. Star Trek plays an episode where Worf is introduced to the Holo-suite JezzBall, and is overtaken on level 10.

Jezz on!5. Strip JezzBall, enough said.

Jezz on!4. JezzBall XP, where the levels go so high that
there is no room for them to move any more.
(from Josh Joyce)

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I see you

   If you would really like to see an update to this game, then I highly encourage all of you to take some time out to e-mail Microsoft and plead with them to do it.  If enough of us reach their attention, they will probably go for it.  They seem to be good about going where the money is (Tell them to sell it separately, and make it so good that it barely fits onto one DVD, instead of fitting on a single floppy disc with room to spare).   Please do your part to bring this about. If you don't, then there is no hope of of getting a new version of JezzBall. The future of JezzBall lies in your hands.

There is a $20.00 reward for better ideas for
Jezz On!this page, if I decide it is worthy to use here. Good Luck!Jezz On!


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