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Svein Vold's
story of JezzBall:

Just you try and beat me.George

Date: Sunday, 26 Nov 2000
bullet.gif (3643 bytes)  Hi David,

It is, with a certain portion of skepticism, that I report to you about my 14-days lasting madness. I had been playing JezzBall earlier too, but now I became a victim of several incidents. First; I had an operation of my knee, so I had to sit still for some days. Then, I found the JezzBall-site at the Internet, with the top 20 - list. And then... well... I must have turned mad! I have no other explanation. I mean, to sit in front of the PC, for hours and hours, clicking the left and right mouse buttons, with the same 50 balls, again and again... Red - eyed, with a hurting back... "The Universal Nerd". It's not quite like this I would like to introduce myself to the world. I think my insanity must have developed gradually. First, I decided just to try to get somewhere on the list. But then, when I saw how easy it actually was, I decided to beat the other Norwegians (Hello, Svein Ladehaug :-)). And then I needed 90 millions. I also wanted to see if it could be possible to get all 50 balls without loosing any lives at all. It was (see screen capture "JzRecPic1.jpg" - "JzRecPic10.jpg") I didn't manage to make myself stop before 106 mill. Then I raised a cross (for the grave, see screen capture "JzRecPic95.jpg" - "JzRecPic99.jpg" + 105 and 108 ), and sat down with a cup of herb tea , waiting for the death to come (i.e. the time to run out). And then - free at last! (109 and 110)

You want me to tell a bit about myself? I am a 40 years old Norwegian man, who lives in Kristiansand, at the south cost of Norway. I am a musician (classical and jazz guitarist), and I work as a director of a municipal school of music and arts (Kommunal Musikk- og Kulturskole). I am divorced, and have three wonderful girls. AND... I think there are many very, very much nicer ways to spend our lives, than just sitting in front of the PC, clicking the mouse buttons.  FREE AT LAST! (But it's a bit cool, too... isn't it? Oh, good grief, still crazy after all these yea... eeeh, hours?)

All the best;

Svein Vold

Kristiansand, Norway

e-mail: svvol@online.no




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