The Great Equalizer
Written 2018 by: David Rich

In stead of looking down at each other with such judgement or envy; there is another way we should be seeing each other. It's rather narrow minded to see those around us as they appear at this time. We also should imagine who they may become. They may achieve great things well beyond our expectations. Perhaps even more than what we will achieve.

Also, we should take this a few steps further. Imagine who they may have been in past lives, and even their potential in lives yet started. I know this is not easy to do, but try to stretch your imagination, or just accept the fact that we have no idea and have no right to assume they  had not been or will become quite amazing people.

This should extend to other issues, such as racism and our bias towards lifestyles we find uncomfortable. How do we know we were not just like them, or worse at some point. Most chances are we were completely different in our past lives, and persecuted for it by people, whom we have now become.

True or not this is just a good way to help adjust our attitude towards other people to equalize us all. Anything else would be counter productive. Such as this messed up society we have created.
Seek to see the world though a different broader lens for a better future, which has less division and conflict.





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