The Fantasy of Intentional Community Living
Written 2000 / 2006
by: David & Tia Rich


Have you ever wondered about living in an intentional community?

We cannot hardly tell you how many people we have spoken with who exclaimed their greatest goal in life is to form an intentional community way outside the city limits in order to have the land and privacy they would need to make it work out. That seems to be quite a common fantasy for many people in the more alternative lifestyles we circle around. Mind you, they do not say they want to join an existing intentional community. They seem to want to have the control to decide who is in or out and make most of the rules, or so it would seem. Having very little personal experience in what it takes to live in such an environment.

When ever possible, we try to take the time to explain to them how they could look at this whole big metro area as a huge intentional community, where we can choose to be as involved, or uninvolved as we choose. And choose whom to be involved with. We do not need to negotiate with the group to barrow the community van to drive into town to just go see a movie, go out to dinner, or just visit some friends. If we need to take some time off from the group for a month, we can do that without notice. We could take a couple years off if we want.

It is true that it is not as efficient as it could be to pool all your resources together, but that has it own problems that may not be worth the financial and emotional benefits. Even if it were, we see how most people will rise to the need, but if life is that efficient, they will also very often drop to those absolute necessities. So the quality of life does not tend to improve from those financial benefits. Pure communism is a fantastic theory, but history has clearly proven that it does not work out. Personal motivation is not inspired to make it workout the way it should.

Face it; these people are driven by fantasies of lust and power. Those are just the qualities that pure communism is fighting against, so there is your paradox. When we feel these sort of drives, get involved and make this huge intentional community as good as it possibly can be. If you still need to be in more control, and therapy is not your thing, then host your own gatherings. If not enough of the right people show up, keep trying to refine your organizational and promotional skills until it does work out for you and you feel properly appreciated. Then you can take a nice long break to recoup from the latest party your threw. <LOL>






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